Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beware of Spam, please change your yahoo password

Started getting a lot of these lately.
These days are among those where a lot of spams are being sent specially from yahoo accounts.
Unusual to the previous cases where they wanted to send out the money from the bank of Nigeria or else, this time they are just dropping a line and putting links.
In my experience, a lot of spams are now able to make to my inbox because it is coming from legit yahoo accounts.
The spam filter can not filter those because these are the Email addresses where I did sent Emails to or received from. Moreover, we do tend to send links only in the Emails. That must be making it difficult to filter the spams.
At one point I realized that my yahoo account was also compromised when I checked my "sent" folder. There were two in drafts. Not Good!!
I think it is time to change the password.
At the moment I have only one suggestions: Do not click on the links that you are not familiar with.

Spams  Emails: how they look like.
How to detect them? that is whole another level of complicated question.


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