Monday, September 5, 2011

Easy Nepali Typing for Chrome &FF

This one is for chrome:

1. right click on the bookmarks bar,
2. add new page
3. on the url address, put the following code:
javascript:(t13nb=window.t13nb||function(l){var t=t13nb,d=document,o=d.body,c="createElement",a="appendChild",w="clientWidth",i=d[c]("span"),,x=o[a](d[c]("script"));if(o){if(!t.l){"t13ns";o[a](i).id="t13n";i.innerHTML="Loading Transliteration";s.cssText="z-index:99;font-size:18px;background:#FFF1A8;top:0";s.position=d.all?"absolute":"fixed";s.left=((o[w]-i[w])/2)+"px";x.src=""+l}}else setTimeout(t,500)})('hi')
4. Whenever you are in the website, click on the bookmark-- it will enable the transliteration on that page.
5. Type, have fun!
Seems it has issues... needs more experiments...

The link is:

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