Thursday, April 7, 2011

Masking in Flash!

  • Go to File>New>OK
  • For masking you need backgourd picture.
  • Go to File
  • Select Import
  • Select Import to Stage
  • Choose the picture for background
  • Adjust the size of picture using Transform Tool
  • Go to frame 40 and press f5 to insert frames
  • Add new layer
  • Draw a circle without border
  • For border you can see in picture
  • Drag the circle to one end of background picture
  • In the frame 40 press f6 to insert keyframe
  • Drag the circle to another end of the background picture
  • Right click and select Shape Tween
  • Right click in layer 2 and choose Mask
  • Hit ctrl + enter to see how it work .

You can change different shapes in different frames get cool masking.


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