Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to do 'Fade in Fade out' effect in Flash

  1. Go to File > New > Ok
  2. You have to import some pictures into your library
  3. If the library box is invisible go to 'Windows' and select 'Library'
  4. Go to File
  5. Select Import
  6. Select Import to Library
  7. Choose the picture which you want to bring into Library
  8. You can select one by one or select the pics at one time which you want to bring into Library
  9. Hold the pic and bring into the stage.
  10. Adjust the size of picture
  11. Go to Modify
  12. Select Convert to Symbol
  13. Choose Movie Clip 
  14. Give the name and choose Ok 
  15. Choose the frame 5 and 10 and press f6 in both frame to insert keyframes
  16. Right click in the layer and select Motion Tween
  17. Go to 1st frame
  18. Click the pic
  19. In the properties panel you will see the Color
  20. Select Alpha and 0%
  21. Now go to frame 10
  22. Click the pic 
  23. Choose alpha and 0%
  24. To try ctrl+enter.
  25. Add new layer
  26. Bring the pic from Library
  27. Adjust the pic size
  28. Select the pic
  29. Go to Modify
  30. Select Convert to Symbol
  31. Give name and select Movie Clip and choose OK
  32. Now in layer 2
  33. Go to 11th frame and press f6
  34. Select frame 16 and 21
  35. Now repeat from 16 to 24.
  36. Enjoy by bringing more pics from library

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