Sunday, May 2, 2010

How did I remove Ubuntu from my system

I never wanted to remove ubuntu. However, because of the space problem, I had to remove it. At first it did not seem to be quite easy job. Below I describe what I did:
  • Formatted the partition with Ubuntu with NTFS: This removed the Ubuntu. Ofcourse, the key word is back up!
  • Fixed the MBR: Bootrec.exe/FixMbr 
    Wanted to retrive the vista as the boot loader was then gone along with ubuntu.
    I inserted the recovery DVD that came with the computer, restarted in
    command mode for recovery and did
  • So far so good... Ubuntu removed. However, after fixing the MBR, the "empty" drive did not show up.
  • Installed Easeus Partition Master Home Edition 5.8.1  from this allowed me to rewrite the partition name as D: instead of * NTFS. 
  • Restarted. All was well after that.

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