Friday, August 21, 2009

Trying g-Chrome in Ubuntu with Flash enabled

What makes Chrome attractive is its speed and sleek look.
The Chrome for Windows has picked up its grab of users (and counting...), the reason is very obvious.
Today, I was playing with the Google Chrome on Ubuntu , and eventually got the "beta" version installed (Named Chromium). Even though it is named as "unstable-Chrome", It is pretty much stable for me, for now.
I added

to the command line and Bingo! it is youtube playable.
Oh well, the bing search just crashed! 

... the youtube too!
hitting F5 key reloaded it and is now OK. (Ha ha what a live reporting!)

Few crashes are OK ;)  that is what beta is supposed to do!
Now I am going to have some fun...
See the screenshots below:
Using Chrome for general purpose is still not recommended since it has privacy issues...


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