Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CDTA bus: few comments


I am a SUNY student and use route#12 (and 10/11). It is the best and only public commuter service here, free for students with SUNY/ RPI / Saint Rose College card.

I am just curious about some stops being dis-connected on route 12. Do you have posted info about it on your website/blog?

1. The riders are basically local students who does not have car or low income families.

2. I saw that some stops are going to be disconnected. I hope Disconnecting stops at certain points have been decided after taking into consideration about the minus temperature of Winters when people have to walk 2/3 blocks, if disconnected. While the frequent stops are pain in the neck for the bus economy and drivers, it had been proved to be very useful for riders. Some ridicuously close by stops should be disconnected, but if people do not ride often from some stop never means that it has been useless.

3. My personal concern would be the stop after brevator(coming from downtown on route 12) before the turn into the state offices (near the bridge/Jermain st. ?). Removing that one can cause severe problem for me in the winter if I have to walk from brevator to patroon creek. There are no stops after brevator till one reaches the hotels.(Walking from there is also hard specially in winter.)

4. Route 11/12 on busy day:
I am aware that you had a survey conducted around dec time, did you also consider having more frequent services for rush hours. Please be advised that at certain times on western ave and washington ave, buses (bound to crossgates) get full before north main area and the students living in mid-town area has to see the bus going with "Full... take next one" sign on it. It becomes amzing scenario when more than 2/3 buses go like that and one ends up waiting for buses with little space after 40/60 min.

5. The time table should be strictly enforced. Sometimes the buses pass the stops 7/10 before the time. If bus reaches the stop before the time, it should better wait there. OR the schedule be modified.

I have no serious complains about the services. It is unique and best service here in Capital District. Almost all of the drivers are courteous and friendly.

These are my personal comments based upon my experiences.

Thank You!

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