Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vote for Nepali Voice

If you were born after 1984 and eat and dream about space, have a history of participating and volunteering in such activities, go to OneYoungWorld
and submit a video. Who knows, you may also be selected!!!

Videos will be voted on by the YouTube community to determine the 100 best submissions. From these our panel of judges will then select the winning 20 videos. Whether you're from Australia or Zimbabwe, China or Kiribati; if chosen you will receive a fully-funded place at the One Young World summit in London on February 8-10 2010.
I met a Nepali thito participating in the competition and would like to request for your vote.
your vote can enable Nepalese Voice to be heard in one young world conference. 
Please vote for Rijendra Thapa on the video "Youths of Voice of Developing Nation".

About the Video.

This is a two minute video uploaded for youtube contest to attend One young World Conference. He has nicely crafted his skills in showing his leadership qualities and his encouragement and inspiration to his generation to take positive action for change.

About the young world conference

It is a great forum to be held in London from February 8 -10 where 1500 delegates from 192 countries will discuss, debate and draft resolutions on six key issues covered in the plenary sessions-
The Environment and its Protection, 
Developing political leadership for a positive future, 
The role of Global business in shaping society through the economy, 
The media: its changing identity and power, 
Interfaith dialogue; world religion and spirituality, and 
the Global Health Agenda, 
in guidance of world leaders including Kofi Anan, Desmond tutu and Bob Geldof.

Steps to vote for Voice of Youths of Developing nation

2 )Go to vote gallery and click on Voice Of youth Of Developing nation.

3 ) When the video streams please vote:  green thumbs up.

About Rijendra Thapa

Rijendra Thapa is playing an active role in motivating younger generations of Nepal for better world. Rijendra, an Executive Founder member of Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) is carrying useful global projects of International Year of Astronomy, 2009. International Year of Science, 2009, space Generation Advisory Council, Student Exploration for Development of Space among Nepalese youths.
For more information on activities of  Rijendra and his organization NASO visit

- Rijendra Thapa


  1. wow this is something grand and I enjoyed reading this, thank for sharing

  2. Thank You Dada very much. Please, Please vote me. your single vote helps a lot in promoting space science in Nepal, your one more step in working for the better world.
    Yours Brother,
    Rijendra Thapa


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