Thursday, June 11, 2009

Robot in office : Navigate and plug in when you are running low

Meet your new Robotic office partner...

This morning I found a nice video of robot navigating in the office and plugging itself into the power sources. This gives us solution for robots running low on batteries. We can set the algorithm for the robot to go and charge itself if power is less than 10 percent. Or, equivalently, if the time to travel to the power source is comparable to the power available on board. That means if the battery is going to die in 5 minutes and it takes 2 minute to go and plug itself, then go!
This is just like us, if we feel hanging on somewhere, and seek coffee or drink and get refreshed!

Moreover, this can be integrated with the webcam equipment so that you will be virtually there in the office!!!
Opening up lot more possibilities...
Moreover, it is open source!!!



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