Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Opera Unite: A new way to web

I love firefox, I adore Opera very much. Forget about any possibilities of bowser war!
Opera is faster and in many cases stable with respect to tabbed browsing and Javascript tests.
Yesterday Opera Unite was announced. I have downloaded it and am looking around.
Watch the video: it sounds interesting that I can share the files just from within the browser!!!

From the Opera Unite Blog:
Opera today unveiled Opera Unite, a new technology that shakes up the old client-server computing model of the Web. Opera Unite turns any computer into both a client and a server, allowing it to interact with and serve content to other computers directly across the Web, without the need for third-party servers.
Opera Unite makes serving data as simple and easy as browsing the Web. For consumers, Opera Unite services give greater control of private data and make it easy to share data with any device equipped with a modern Web browser.
For Web developers, Opera Unite services are based on the same open Web standards as Web sites today. This dramatically simplifies the complexity of authoring cutting-edge Web services. With Opera Unite, creating a full Web service is now as easy as coding a Web page.
Opera Unite is available in a special version of the Opera 10 desktop browser from Opera Labs. Opera Unite services run directly in the browser.



  1. interesting one...but till date i'vent used opera...m using opera only in mobile... :)

  2. Opera is awesome.

    I think one of the reason for widespread use of firefox is connected to (but not limited to) the add ons available for FF.


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