Friday, February 20, 2009

Drawings are teasing me

I love drawing. It is just about time. I don't have enough. So, for the present time I have to say: I used to do drawings.

After coming to US, I got opportunities to visit various galleries like Norman Rockwell Museum, The Clark Art Inst, Williams art Gallery and local art galleries in Troy on "last fridays" and Downtown Albany on "first fridays". I am thankful to my friends for taking me to those places. The events like First Friday and Last fridays are held to promote the local talents in the town. Since this happens every month, this also gives opportunities for socialization. I still remember a huge painting display by a lady artist (8Ft by 5ft or so) who had a first crush on teen age and could not forget how she was hurt even after long time.
Art carries memories. Specially the paintings by Norman Rockwell are now blended as cultural ones.

Wondering online, I found a nice site with drawings and could not stop posting this.

I would recommend a visit to


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