Thursday, January 15, 2009

Google Reader is Simply awesome

I had dozens of subscriptions.
And, everyday I ended up with full inbox. Full in the sense that inbox(55) makes me uncomfortable.

So, I wanted some change in the style.
Google REader is the solution!
Yes, this can really save time.
I can simply ignore all the updates going all around by simply subscribing them in the google reader and "read it later".

I am subscribed to everything and after I get some chance, I go through it and try to read. Surprisingly, it is time saver!!!
I can simply read some and avoid some ... ha ha!

What is in your read list?


  1. What does Google reader exactly do> I ain't very technical but trying lol.

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  3. Cool, but I use my personalized iGoogle page for this because it shows my email inbox as well ;)


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