Monday, December 1, 2008

Type in Nepali : Unicode Nepali Converter

My Typing khubility in Nepali is not good. That's why I am impressed with the friends who do write in Devanagari scripts in various blogs.
It is quite easy and straight-forward to read and understand in the familiar language. The language which you learned from the very beginning and the one in which you think and dream about.

Update: This post shows how to type Unicode Nepali in Browser.

I was aware of this site and its existence but I was kinda reluctant to use it, you know this is one more link : not a lot of job. But, in anyway, those who are interested to write in Nepali can go to this link...
and go to the typing page in here...
I kinda like it because it is Nepali Unicode.
You know the situation of writings when we write in nepalinglish (nepali+english): called so because people write in english script to mean things in Nepali.
I think it would be better for them (including me) to just go there, type it and copy +paste!
OK, this is my first try...
युनिकोड नेपाली मा लेख्नु को मज्जा नै बेग्लाई हुन्छ!
 (of course beglai !)


  1. त्यो भन्दा पनि बढि, कम्प्युटरमा युनिकोड सफ्टवेयर इन्सटल गर्दा मज्जा हुन्छ ।

  2. I already have that software and I think you can see me message in my hotmail id which is in Nepali :D

  3. I think Aakar is right. It's always a cool idea to install it in pc/laptop itself.

    Converters, that can work offline and without the hassle of manual input are also available which can convert non unicode fonts into unicode fonts.

    And yes!

    युनिकोड नेपाली मा लेख्‍नु को मज्जा नै बेग्लै हुन्छ!

  4. unicode converter kaha bata download garne

  5. This is really an informative blog. This blog is very useful for the persons who understand only Nepali language. This is simple and easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

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