Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quantum Theory of Economics, Global Economics and Jump! Feature

Honestly, I love economics. I mean, while I was reading my brother's demand analysis back in 2005 or so I was impressed by its practicality.
May be, I just love everything: that's why I am Physicist.

The trigger was this picture which I saw in Mashable. Some one was really upset about the Wall Street fluctuations. It is serious matter.
It reads ...

Let me connect this to the recent remarks by Nepali Finance Minister (FM) Dr. Bhattarai. He was also talking about jump. Jump like frog. So, economics needs jump!
JUMP! this is how discrete way of thinking is needed to describe the system when classical method is failing.
Does it mean that we need a Quantum Theory of Economics?
Quantum Theory of Economics?
Sounds great idea.

By the way, Nepali PM was in NYC last week. I believe that his FM did not make him hang that pic!

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