Sunday, September 28, 2008

Follow me: Follow you!

Blogger! Do you listen to our suggestions?
Recently, blogger has gone thru a lot of improvements. One of the impressive gadget is "follow". This feature is new but has gained a good ground in very short time.

I do have implemented that feature in my blog, but the problem here is whenever you want to follow someone... s/he can have 46 blogs. Then I am at crossroads. Which one shall I follow? I want to follow one blog per person.
So, I believe, there should be blog with first, second priority ...
This can be helpful because if you have 46 blogs that means either you have to be crazily busy or superhuman blogger to maintain them or few of them end up being copy+paste blogs.
Well, I know some are really creative: but it would be helpful to have blogs numbered according to the author's preference. So that good blogs are not buried in the (pile of) list of 46 blogs.
Let the bloggers have some preference over the blogs owned.

Follow me, I will follow you!

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