Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cycle: Back to Mod-zero

Cycle: Back to Mod-zero

I know this will make no sense; but it is ok to have some non-sense stuffs on the blogs. Sorry Readers!!!

There are different cycles in our lives. Cycle in which we recycle ourselves...

The clock also rotates in cycle, but makes us feel that we progressed. How fictional it is when it comes back to 12 after 12 hours and makes us feel that it has progressed.

I am appreciating its fallacy of advancements.


  1. Hard to understand again !!!!!
    I got your concept but can we make the clock long enough so that it never comes back to its initial position !!!!!
    he he he

  2. The earth is rotates in its axis,thus the day and night continues. It is not that the time is progessing only we are getting older from 12 to 12, the clock is still the same. May be pessimistic view. But for you physicists, it may be possible that you can travel with the speed of light so that you will not get old.

    BTW digital clock doesnot rotate, hahaha.


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