Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Awesome Music Created on Guitar!!!

I remember trying to learn the guitar. That was a great pain. The tips of the finger got into terrible shape and I had no enough time to practice the chords.
I am always fascinated by such plays of music, but must confess that playing music is not as easy as concentrating on something. May be I need more time for those activities (which is not available for these years). Similarly, I love art: paintings...
Let me stop before the list goes too long!!!


  1. was there a reason why it got deleted?

  2. i'm new to entrecard. so their reason "quality control"... have you tried e-mail them to get a specific reason? i'm curious.

  3. dai this video is no longer available, i found that youtube has start to delete lots of users video. i am also affected with this. some of my favorite video are now no longer available.


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