Friday, May 30, 2008

CookBook Approach to Applying to US Universities

This is the second version of whatever I wrote in here: (intended for Physics students of Nepal// but can be generalized)

Trying to apply and to have an idea of how it is to apply to US Universities to pursue higher degree is really great challenge.

There are various factors influencing the quest for it. If the motivation is not killed by the pertaining situations, one can take the journey of searching Universities as a challenge. Moreover, it is rewarding.

OK OK, to the point:

  • What to do?
  • Where to search?
  • What do I need?
  • When/Where to apply?
  • ?


  • Get a nice notebook and pen, this is your first expense towards the process J
  • Get attested the Photocopies of Transcripts of BSc and MSc from Jamal (or Balkhu ?). They take 20 Rs. Per page : Transcripts x 2 +Original/Provisional x 2 = 80 Rs per envelop. (you can keep track of expenses if you want)
  • Get the (3 - 5) Recommendations from Professors and or Institutions (??).
  • Do you have TOEFL Score? What about GRE???
  • Get a good internet connection// Going to cyber will not make it, as it has a lot of distracting points.
  • Make a spreadsheet: The fields are … Name of the University(Department) || State || Website || Email of Graduate Chair/Admission || Application Deadline || etc .. (for more info)
  • Target at least 20 Departments
  • Make up mind to get info of 2/3 department per day. And keep track of whatever u r doin.
  • Email them, asking for info. They are so kind that they will contact you // sent you forms with the checklist and all kind of info.
  • To Apply: Make another Spreadsheet : … This is for correspondence checklist… For each Department note the following: The Application form || Recommendations (Recommender 1 + Recommender 2 + Recommender 3+?) || Statement of Purpose (short term and long term goals “?” ) / Personal Statement || Certified Documents || Resume/CV || TOEFL and or GRE scores … ||? else… ||Mark Tick in each box whenever done and start putting in Envelop.

Important: Send the documents to the Department, unless otherwise they are really strict about it. This will save the application fee to be paid to the admission office. Some of them simply will not waive the application fees while some of them do not.

The most important thing is COMMUNICATE!!!


Google will be our best friend !

By the end of the day, you will feel more smart and expert than me.

Please write me, what to do.

That means


By this time you must have figured out the best time to apply.

Do not do later than 15th of December, if you want to come in fall semester (august). Some may also have earlier deadline. However, I have no idea of deadline for Spring semester (coming in Dec/Jan).



  1. The information provided in this post is very helpful to the student of Physics who are willing to pursuing their higher degree.
    Please continue this type of post in future also.


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