Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog Upp!!!

Wanna promote your blog effortlessly?
Try BlogUpp!

I have just started it, so I can not tell much about its potentiality. However, it looks promising.

Now I have BlogRush, The Good Blogs, 125linkexchange, sitehoppin and the Entrecard system for my blog promotion. I will be updating the traffics from these systems in very near future.

Effortless bonus:
The team responds on one of the comment as: One of the ideas behind BlogUpp! is "place it and forget about it; all the rest to get you traffic is done automatically". Just put the code and forget it. No need to register and follow up.

For every 10 readers of your blog, it gets visibility on other blogs to 9 readers.
The one impression out of 10 is reserved for displaying blogs which obtained additional impressions.

Here are some lines from the Blogupp:

What makes BlogUpp! different?

  • No signup. No email and privacy exposure
  • No ad submission and no efforts
  • No animation and annoying ads
  • Multilanguage support
  • Cheat-proof and fair sharing
  • WordPress platform and alike friendly
  • Targeted readers reach
  • Welcome bonus for everyone
  • Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9) and more
How it works?
  • BlogUpp! snapshots your blog and reads your RSS regularly
  • Blog's thumbnail shows on other blogs with our service activated
  • The thumbnail is accompanied by your blog's most recent article
  • For every 10 readers of your blog, it is shown to 9 readers on other blogs
  • An identical widget projects on your weblog (as shown on the right), with relevant blogs and articles (move the mouse over the widget)
  • Each link clicked in the widget opens a new window, not closing your blog
  • And all this is completely free and with no effort whatsoever

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  1. This is Great info about BlogUpp... I recently joined myself and am getting a few clicks so far.

    Thanks for all the great info you impart on your blog & I especially like that you placed your list of recent posts upfront so people get a great idea as to what you are all about right upfront.

    Keep up the Great work,

    RPM Millionaire


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