Monday, August 20, 2007

OOps! I did it again ...

This morning, got up late, had slept little late. I was thinking that the late-ness in morning shows that you are a beta person.
And more important: everything propagates afterwards. The schedule @10 goes to 10.30 or to 11. Or You have to eliminate s.t. outta schedule. I am not a schedule carrier, but it happens in general.
I was thinking that I will have to write for my blog but what should I write...
Suddenly, I came across an offline message by friend.
He had written everything on polite language (as much as possible between too close friends, we know what "polite" means) abusing with everything.
I was shocked!
I later realized that he had written it for some other friend, not me!
It happens.
Sending the envelops with wrong address and to the wrong people is human culture. And I am glad that it has been preserved through the history.
Once I had sent the scanned copy of recommendation Letter (written for me) to very very wrong address. I was like OOOOOOOOPS!
If you are in cyber-cafe in Kathmandu, and you left(forgot) the Email account without signing out, and moreover if the next person sitting to the same computer finds your account, and if s/he is naughty, imagine the result!
There is a saying : Spoken words, triggered bullet and (lets add) sent Emails are meant for no return!
Once you hit it, it is not yours!
I am sure that we should add one more item to the list of "Before 22"
"S/he will sent Email to a terribly wrong address at least once before 22!"
True for everyone.

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