Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Having Nepali flag on the Blog

I love my country's flag. So does everyone else.
The specialty of the flag being the fact that it is the only triangular flag in the world.
Whenever I go to international gatherings, I can see people being excited to meet with a people from Nepal. The concept is that Nepal is very very hilly and that I have come from very remote place of the world. Well, yes and no!

We have been kept at distance from the rest of the world in terms of development and technology. BUT however, we have been trying to creep out such differences.

I always feel glad to explain the meaning of my flag.
The Triangle shape represents the mountains, the blue border represents the peace and red color signifies the love. The sun and moon are indicators of time and the overall theme runs something like this...
Our mountainous country will exist with peace and love forever: whenever there are sun and moon in the sky.
NEPAL: Never Ends Peace and Love.

Well, the recent situation may not be great enough, but I can not prevent myself from bearing the pride of being a Nepali.

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  1. This is a beautiful description of your national Flag and I really love it when people take pride in their Nation. I love the cultures in Asian and the long History. I just wrote a post on my blog about your Bhutanese Neighbours. You come from a beautiful part of the World and I hope you don't let the Western Globalization take hold and keep your purity. I am from Greece originally but born in the U.K but my mentality is ancient compared to my peers. I love old fashioned manners.

  2. That was a really nice post. I appreciate the explanation of the Nepali flag. :)

  3. Yes! Our national flag is not only extraordinary, but also Special and attractive.

    And you are right! we all must be proud for being Nepali.

  4. I didnt know all these special meanings about the Nepali flag.

    I know many Nepali people and indeed they are peace loving.

  5. nice to see a nepali blog. keep it going.

  6. I didn't know that you have such an extraordinary flag and it was really interesting for me. I sould visit Nepal someday, I've already put it in my list :)

  7. Yes we do have nice national flag. It is unique in comparison to the flags of other countries. I like color combination of our flag.

    In the same time there is debate going on our national dress and language(s). I will write my views on my blog later on. We should discuss about these things as well.

  8. It's fascinating to learn more about Nepal. Especially from someone who is from there. Thanks!

  9. It's always exciting to learn such details about another country and culture as you described in this post about the Nepali flag. Variety and uniqueness is what makes this world such a great place to seek joy in... :)


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