Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bait and Switch in a Theater

I forgot to blog about it, because it was promptly resolved.

One of the evening, we went to watch a 3D movie in local theater. They had special wednesdays where the movie was very cheap. I think it was the Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

The movie started to play. The trailers first. I noted that all of the trailers were in 2D. Well, not a big deal the movie is still going to be in 3D right? Wrong!
The movie started and everything was flat. It did not take long to realize that and the people in the theater started to look into each other thinking what was going on!!

So, I stepped outside and told the ticketchecker that we have the 2D rolling, and showed him the ticket saying that it should be 3D. He looked and almost did not believe me. Then called into his walkie-talkie. After a minute or so, after they realized what was going on, the screen went dark, and the 3D movie started rolling from the beginning.

Yay for Dr. Seuss! However, I am not sure what their intentions were. I would like to assume that it is a simple clerical mistake. Just like putting mails into wrong envelop.


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