Friday, November 21, 2014

How to make interacting robots loveable: allow them to make small harmless mistakes

The other day I was chatting on a chat service to solve some issue. These days the websites offer "instant help" with live agents. Chat bots have become very smart and progress in machine learning for symantics and ontological reasoning has progressed by leaps and bounds. An example: cleverbots

Anyways, to begin with, I was greeted by a chat bot, which tried best to mimic humanly possible replies: with empathy and dutyfully. What I found to be cute was a typo it was making.
I think allowing the robots make small--harmless mistakes: such as a typo in this case, would make them more personable.

We expect the machines and robots to perform flawlessly. In critical sector that can be highly important. You want to avoid mistakes at 100% and be precise 100% of the time. But, think of interactive machines... so that people are not bored, it would make sense. Don't you love the sound of child making minor mistakes and going "Oh, oo!".  That kind of mistakes.

However, it has to be within the limit of being annoyed though. For example, the first mistake in the chat was OK. The second becomes kind of weird.


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