Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fix not working mic in ios7 (skype or viber app etc)

So, I updated to the ios7.  Not a big deal. Really. My likes and dislikes are not much different than what I have been reading online.

However, I realized that my mic device stopped working in skype and viber. I could hear the other side. The other side could not hear me.
TL;DR version of how I fixed the audio problem related to the mic is the following picture.
Go to privary> update the permissions.
Here is a longer version of the problem-fixing process:
I recorded video. When played back, it played the recorded sound: confirming that mic in the device was working OK. That meant either software bugs in the app... or something else with the setting. I poked around a bit to find that there was this privacy thingy in the setting.  The problem was then fixed by allowing the apps to access the mic.


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