Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Investigate your evolution of online relationship using #Immersion

If Email communication can be regarded as one of the indicators of how you communicated, and if you can trust the guys over the MIT media lab doing the immersion project, head over to the immersion page and see how your communication has been developing over time.

See a demo here:

For example take a fictious character Wolowitz, straight from their demo. The following screenshot shows his connection for certain time. The color scheme show the domains, connected by the edges showing the connections. You can see how prominent nodes are interconnected to other nodes, and how nicely they are clustered around each other. There is also a nice feature which shows which person introduced you to which other one, and how your volume of interaction fared over time.
I wish there was a "play" button just to see how the communications evolved over time stamps. One could set the time, and watch!
H. Wolowitz's time-line-snap (apologies to him for posting this pic :))

For example, in my case, I could take snapshots over multiple time and create a gif to see how the people popped into the scene and started becoming a vital communication hub/node. That gave me warm feelings!
Also, one can also go backwards in time, take snapshots, and play it forward to see when the node became weaker... showing the loss in communication. Made me nostalgic about some of the friends.


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