Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Copy path information in Lion 10.7

At times, I wished for a shortcut to copy the path information of the files. I had tried Tree, but it was not that much informative.
Finally I found a helpful link in macworld. There were twenty different ways of doing things. This one worked nice for me.
  • Open Automator, select the Workflow.
  • Select Files & Folders, and drag "Get Selected Finder Items to the workflow"

click for larger view
  •  Select Utilities, then drag "Run Shell Script to the workflow". Then change Passinput (on the right) to "as arguments".
    click for larger view
    • Make the following changes:
    for f in "$@"
        echo "$f" 
    for f in "$@"

        echo "$f" | pbcopy
    • Save it as Application in a safe place.
    Go to the saved location, select the application that you just saved.  Press command+T to add it to the sidebar. Any time you want to copy the path of a selected item in finder just click the application on the sidebar.  This will simply copy the path information, you can paste.

    Of course, you could simply drag the items into the terminal and copy from there. But this one is much better!

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