Friday, December 9, 2011

Circles into your Gmail

Google has inserted circles into your mailbox@Gmail.

This is nice as it bridges the gap between the social circle and the Email. It seems to filter out the  communication with the people from  circle.
With this attempt, Google has clearly shown its intention to link social life with Email. I should say this is the second attempt of Google to insert Gmail into social circles. Facebook already integrated message system into the social networking, making message as one of the activity.   The only thing is that Gmail was accepted as an Email service, whereas facebook started as something else.

What amazes me is how people are confortable with the ole' style communication of sending one-to-one Email. Although Facebook has changed it a bit, Sending Email is regarded as one of the formal ways.

Here is a hacked list of how people have been communicating over time:
  • Birds, Telephones, Radio, Letters
  • Letters, Emails, Text/SMS, Messages
There are communications which need to happen over the circle, versus one-to-one. Both are important. What we share in circle is different than what we communicate in personal Emails.

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  1. WOW ! haven't noticed it :) . May be it's substitute of out going Buzz :)


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