Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Laborious Spammer: Gotcha!

Well, I have an interesting finding to share about manual spammers.
I am sure that you all are being bombarded with manual spam comments in your blog-posts. Some of these are detected by Google-blogspot-spam blockers. Some are not.
I found that there were few comments waiting for moderation.
They read something like these:
The comments look almost as if they were real comments. They are  off topic in this case. However, there are instances where they stay on topic and insert links on the last sentence.

I looked into how they got in here... 
The search trick for spammer is to type...
site:blogspot.com inurl: <keyword> 
Note how they are targeting the comments section by having them in the search item

And they are from...  New Dehli, India!

I am thinking that the spammer websites have outsourced the spammers too!!!

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