Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4 and Nepali Flag

I like this one:
The picture was taken in New York (in 2007).

The big flag hanging by the tall support inspires people in a very subtle way. I am not sure how to describe it. Let me try to relate it to my country: In the process of constitution re-writing, there are issues of drawing different states in Nepal. Probably in a way that will benefit some of them/ their group.
I think, if we ever want to learn few things from USA, the first thing   to learn   would be :
to be united, and to be proud of being the people of the country.

People might say that displaying the flags do nothing. Well, we have not really tried it. If you see the flag in the international airport @ Kathmandu: it is small, might be already weathered and washed. People are coming to visit Nepal (by air), and that's where the boundary of Nepal begins. That's where we need to impress in the first sight.  Well, how about the boarder in the south/north?  There used to be a flag in the perimeter of supreme court: bigger but usually washed/torn out. The big-triangular flag can inspire people. Keep them hopeful of the bright future.

One can say there are a lot of issues that has to be addressed before replacing the old torn flags. Well, that's where we miss the point.

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