Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pi or Tau?

Well, have you noticed or ever asked yourself: Why 2 comes with π  in so many mathematical expressions?

There is this weird movement to suggest that π is not the fundamental constant but there is another better candidate: Tau

Here is interesting read:

The most interesting one (to me) was the connection between the area and energy.
The area of the circle, in new notation can be written as:
1/2 Tua r^2 (well, Tau = 2 π)
Why bother?
Because, look at the expressions of
Kinetic Energy:
1/2 m v^2
The Potential Energy:
 1/2 k x^2
The distance covered by a particle falling from rest under gravity:
1/2 g t^2
Aren't they similar?

Well there are much more arguments in favor of tau as presented in the tau's (ko) website.
 Interestingly 6 and 28 both are the first two perfect numbers!

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