Wednesday, June 22, 2011

color effect in text

  • Open Adobe Flash
  • Select Flash File (Actionscript 2.0)
  • You will be in new layer, bring any picture you like
  • Go to File, select Import, select Import to Stage and select picture.
  • Adjust the size of the picture by using the Free Transform Tool
  • Give the name to the layer 1 bg as background for that double click on layer 1 and rename it
  • Now i want to write Happy New Year something like this
  • Decide what you want to write
  • Add new layer and rename it Happy
  • Choose the Text tool  and write Happy
  • Select the text happy and right click and choose Break Apart right click and choose Break Apart (you will see dots in text)
  • Go to Modify tool
  • Select Convert to Symbol
  • Give the name and choose Movie Clip and choose OK
  • In Properties you will see Filter menu
  • Click Filter choose + sign
  • Choose Bevel
See the picture above that I have used Bevel and the colors

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