Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Masking in Flash!

  • You need two layers for masking
  • Give name for each layers 1st one 'bg' as backgroun and 2nd layer as 'mask'
  • Go to layer 1 and import the picture in bg layer in frame 1
  • Adjust the size of the picture
  • Go to frame 50 and press f5 to insert frame
  • Go to 2nd layer 'Mask layer' and draw the circle & put it in one side of the background picture
  • Go to frame 50 and press f6 to insert keyframe
  • Drag the circle to another end of the picture
  • Right click between 1 and 50 frame and select shape tween
  • Right click on layer 2 and select 'mask'
  • Press ctrl+enter to see how it works in flash.

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