Thursday, March 31, 2011

#Twitter Hashtag features in Blogger

The #twitter hash tags were not envisioned when twitter was started. Users invented the use of  it and thus was implemented later to tag tweets. This gave rise to the concept of trending topics, which ultimately has given twitter a new power.

A lot of bloggers use twitter as a medium to push the contents via social media.
Now that tweets without #tags are hard to find, bloggers have  started embedding the hashtags {me too :(} 
Embedding the hash tags on the title not only make the title look ugly, it also defeats the purpose of having labels on the posts.

It would be wonderful if labels on the posts could be picked (by services like friendfeed or twitterfeeder) so that it would automatically add the hashtags as per the label. Or even better, Google could do it for blog*spot et al.

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