Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Twitter and Freedom #snakeonthetown
Call it the influence of the tweeting-freedom, the disappeared egyptian cobra has been found tweeting about her funny side.
She now has more than 150K followers; despite could not be located and ironically follows the only one:
It will be interesting to see where the twitter account holder takes it to. I hope it just stays on its funny side without biting anyone.

The zoo explains:
The difficulty is that the 20-inch, pencil-thin snake, which is months old and weighs less than 3 ounces, has sought out a secure hiding spot within the Reptile House. The holding areas of the Reptile House are extremely complex environments with pumps, motors and other mechanical systems. In this complex environment, she will likely remain in hiding and not move until she feels completely secure. As her comfort level rises, she will begin to move around the building to seek food and water.

Well, following her shall not be crime!

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