Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Google has not lost it yet!

Today's Online world seems to be dominated by the blue facebook button. Nearly all the pages seem to have the F button. Is Facebook going to be the ultimate name for internet?

Wait for it, google has not lost it yet.
Google has so many products it can combine and use. However, they are fragmented all over the place.
  • Two years ago I stopped using picasa, as it was nearing the quota limit. Well, facebook has no limit I guess...
  • Youtube is still the best video sharing site... it does have annoying advertisements at unexpected places. (I wonder the CTR for such video-ads.)
  • "I signed up for Email in Gmail not for buzz"... that was my own feeling when I was surprised. Because myGmail was intended for Email. That scenario can be changed by promoting google account system.
  • Google social toolbar for website can do so much more than like button of facebook... I suppose.
  • Yahoo group will close down soon, Google group has to get the root before facebook group gets it.
  • etc etc...
Now it seems that google is also trying to bring the products like picasa, buzz, gmail, search, youtube, and other google's services under one profile.
Let the Giants collide!!!

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