Sunday, April 4, 2010

Creating Pages in Blogger (in Blogger.Draft)

I had not noticed that blogger in draft had launched this feature some age ago!
When you love writing "about me", creating page is really handy. This kind of feature was available in wordpress, not in  blogger.
Because I did not like having 40 character long page name as is done by making about me posts, I had to do some tricks:

Well, if you also missed it, learn some here on how to create pages ...
 10 pages per blog should be more than enough!!!
 (... and draft does not allow uploading pic from computer... HUH!)
Had I not bumped the draft feature... Blogger in draft used to be my default homepage for blogger. After schedule feature came online, I kinda switched to regular blogger dashboard.

Now I am kinda waiting for blogger to support LATEX. It would be much more fun after that.... 
Google are you reading it?? !!!

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