Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dark Side of Remittance!

After anyone returns from Foreign country, people think that s/he earns a lot of money. This is general thinking of general people. The mindset creates such environment that everyone wants to go aboard. I am basically focussing on the Laborers going aboard. Going aboard is a nice experience, but one should be psychologically prepared of the consequences. Many people do not consider the worst case scenario, the result can be catastrophic.

When Nepal was under fire of civil war-like scenario: everything was down; Remittance made through the money sent by hardworking people working aboard gave some relief to economy.  I had read somewhere that Nepal earned nearly Rs 100 billion from remittances in 2008 (?). While the Remittance economics and statistics may vary with time, the background story for it remains untold. Even after being such a huge source of money, there seems to be no good policy towards the awareness for people going aboard.

This is a true story. 
Watch the interview from the one who has been there.


  1. the original article for which this video was taped can be found here -

  2. The issues you raise will likely resonate with all those coming from countries where people have little choice but to leave home in search of work.

    Thanks for sharing.


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