Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yahoo! 360 is closing: who cares?

A message from Yahoo! 360 team:

Dear Yahoo! 360° customer,

We will be officially closing Yahoo! 360° on July 13, 2009, to focus our efforts on making your new profile on Yahoo! the place where you connect with the people who matter to you most. As a result, you will need to move your 360° information to your new profile before this date. After July 12, 2009, your content on Yahoo! 360° will no longer be accessible.

But who cares?

I am not trying to be mean and sound ridiculous!
Yahoo 360 was already not very functional anyway. I had a yahoo 360 profile. I actually encouraged many of my friends to be connected through
Here is my two cents on yahoo 360:
The good parts:

  • One can nudge, and leave a message.
  • The idea of "Blast message" was father of microblogging(?)
  • easy connection

Bad parts:

  • No adsense (ha ha what a joke!)
  • I mean no frameworks for flexible page elements.
  • Only three feeds allowed to be displayed
  • not easy to navigate
  • creepy header with yahoo ads

To me what made me leave 360 platform was the fact that there was no blogger tool available. I could do no experiments and the navigation was always nightmare. It was very rigid and yet claimed to be a blog tool! Good decision that they are closing! It will allow them to concentrate on something useful.


  1. मलाई चाँहि चिन्ता पर्‍यो नि सर !

  2. I too had an account but used it very rarely. Good decision from Yahoo!

  3. did you guys have the account in yahOO!360?

    I suppose face book has eaten other social networks ...

  4. It's a very good decision is yahoo has decided to discontinue its unsuccessful ventures (like 360 and Geocities) With new ventures like Yahoo! OMG coming up, I know where Yahoo exactly wants to go... I wish good luck to Yahoo.

  5. I am not sure about the future of OMG and shine either!
    However, I want a stronger yahoo... so that there will always be some sense of competition.


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