Friday, December 5, 2008

Money with blog: Bad?

One question has been revolving in my mind:
Paid blogging: Bad?
Coded Referral: Good?

It depends upon your judgement bar. I am not going to blame anyone of his/her view on it. Some people take strong take on this issue. Some semi-pros think in different ways.
My view on money making blog is different.
If you are irritated with money making business with blog, just make it ad free blog!
Who cares?
I am sure that the milk you are testing may be from different origin but let me tell you: you can run but you can not hide.

Although the chitika advertisement above has very low CTR, I am keeping it. So I am doing the same for project wonderful (even if I get one cent per day for that much of space). It is just kinda fun. let me tell you: I am supporting a child's education fund in Nepal from the revenues from this blog. What are you up to?
Let me show how you can help in other way...

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