Sunday, December 7, 2008

10 things to realize with Gmail

Today, I came across a nice article in Lifehacker.
I like lifehacker because it gives nice tips and tricks and sometimes the information can be really vital.
The article I am talking about is on Gmail:

I knew some of them but few are completely new to me.

Some of the things are widely known and just are some kinda reviews but in anyway, they are useful.
For the convenience, It would be really nice if we could archive all the mail in Gmail (Or if they are going to sent them as paper: bad joke).
I like video/chat feature but it is not available for linux (period). Gmail Lab is also interesting.

Moreover, I like the filter feature which is really nice in Gmail. If you are obsessed with having same kinda email, just filter them and read it later. I kinda feel bad when I have 20 Emails as unread in main panel of inbox. Lifehacker: I am surprised that it did not came with in your "ten"...

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