Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do it Google way: Black is Green! Earth Hour: Energy

Today I found that the famous google screen is tinted black in support to the Earth Hour. They have expressed it as "committed to helping build a clean energy future".
This is a great step towards creating awareness. Specially sites like google which dominate over the internet can spread out the message quickly and effectively.
There should be no doubt that renewable energy is the future of all, but it takes time for us to realize that we have come this far and have become resource hungry. We need engergy, but wiseful use of it can save a bit. A bit from everyone at the same time will collect as bunch!
I don't exactly know whether putting the lights off for one hour makes some significant change, but it will cetrainly have some nice impact.
Thumbs up google!

Ultra Fuel-Efficient Cars
I am planning to write on "what makes difference ?"(its a plan).

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