Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Bijaya Dashami! : Copy and paste

Dashain is our great Festival. In this festival we exchange the greetings and wish our best to all friends. Take blessings from seniors and wish good to juniors.
It is good to hear some good words. I do not know how the listening gives so much pleasure. But we get happy. See, how amazing our sense are incorporated! We see, we hear, we imagine and we feel and get happy (may be in different order of stimulation, sometimes).
Festivals are greatly welcomed because they provide a taste of satisfaction to our mind.
In these occasions, some of the friends produce and reproduce very nice words for the happy Bijaya Dashami (and similarly to other occasion too).
What we do is we find some nice words sent to our inbox by some other friend, and copy and paste it!

टिका होस् निधार मा,जमरI होस् कान मI,सुख होस् परिवार मI, शान्ती होस् देश मा ,दसैं मI खुशी को बास होस् सत्रु को नाश होस्,सुन चन्दी को रास होस्,हात मi 21 पती को तास होस्, पुरा होस् मनोकामना,यही छ विजय दशमी २०६४ को शुभकामना!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suppose you get the same message nearly three times per day. From different people. What do you imagine?
Happy Bijaya Dashami! : Copy and paste

Lets try some creativity!

May goddess Durga bless you with some creativity in this Dashain festival.(Don't take it personally, I am saying to myself!)

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