Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is Google after RSS?

RSS or Rich Site Summary, in my opinion is one of the nice thing that came of of web 1.0. It definitely made my life simpler by being able to subscribe to interesting blogs and pages.
Moreover, I founded "Hamrocircle" by pulling RSS feed from active nepali bloggers, and created a google widget so that they can be embedded into interested bloggers to increase the readership of nepali blogs. This is done by using python feed parser from planet-idea and then syndicating the feed into the gadget. Well, that is a long story!

Back to RSS;
When I went to use Google Reader, there was no return! Currently I am subscribed to about more than 50 sites that I find interesting and relevant! it is time saving and easy to use.  However, today Google announced that they are running second spring clean up. When I saw Google Reader in the list, I felt sad.

There are alternatives such as Flipboard and Google Current that I use. But I do not like them much because they are app made for devices. I think these things should be browser-based not app based.

Why U no like RSS?
Can Google kill the RSS?
Google Chrome already does not support RSS. They already killed adsense for RSS. Not sure when they are going to kill feedburner: I am sure next spring it is. Is google after RSS, afterall?

In the next few months, I will be moving the reader data by using GoogleTakeout.
Meanwhile, there is a petition to keep reader alive! 



  1. It's sad to know, but I think, even the petition won't be able to keep it alive.

    BTW, have you gone through this post:~
    Best Free Google Reader Alternatives For Web, Windows & Mac

  2. Thanks @Dilip Acharya jee.
    I do not like the idea of app-based reader. So, web-based reader would be my choice.


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