Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting out of Instagram!

Planning to get away from instagram?
Time is now!

I had already announced my plan to ditch instagram a week ago!
(What a timely post!!)

Now that they decided to own/sell the user contents, it is time to go!
What will I miss?
  • I will miss the nice integration of instagram, that I had to tumblr blog... and thereby to facebook.
  • I will also miss their tilt-shift effects.

What I will not miss?
Well, snapping picture is a quick way to blog. Visual presentation, although is a different medium (powerful one), has made me lazy in writing.  Having said that, I will be switching to other services. Twitter recently announced picture filters. This is also their time to shine. Most of my pictures were nicer when they had no weird filters. So, nothing to miss. Just move on!

Downloaded the pics. Time to say bye bye to instagram!

Getting out of it is relatively easy!


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