Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meeting Asha, the baby rhino @fortworthzoo

We paid visit to baby rhino in fort worth zoo.
One of the main reason was seeing Asha-the baby rhino. I have written previously about the contest to name the baby rhino in here. Asha was born on August 16, 2012. The fortworthzoo takes great pride on the successful breeding because this is a rare/hard event, and done for the first time in the state of texas.
The 25-year old mother Shanti and 22-year old father Arun  (one-horned rhino species native to Nepal) was gifted by Nepal government in 1990. Asha is their third calf.

There is a wonderful safariSam blog if you wanted to read more:

Fortworth is a great zoo. Most of the animals were active during our weekend visit. My recommendation is visiting Texas wild first (which is on the farther side) and returning back to Asia falls afterwards.
The mother Shanti, loaned fron San Francisco Zoo


The baby rhino follows her protective mother.
The box in which "Arun", the male rhino, arrived at the Fort Worth Zoo in 1990 as a rare gift from the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation in Nepal.
To me the excitement was that, I was meeting rhino after about about 20 years! (saw one in SadarChidiyakhana in Jawlakhel).
It is always good to see someone from your country after long time :) :P :D 


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