Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SLC results published in #Nepal (download link)

Regular download link
Exampted download link here

Today the office of the controller of examination has published the result of School Leaving Certificate examination.
SLC is regarded as the Iron Gate in Nepal since it decides the fate of many students future carrer.
Initial toll shows that 47.16% regular students were able to pass the exam.
The result was supposed to be available online and via SMS. However, currently the site is down because of sudden surge in the internet traffic.
This is frustrating to many people who are anxious about their results. It has been suggested numerous time that they shall distribute the results in different sites so that the news can be dispersed easily.

According to Nagariknews, 17,760 got distinction, 77,257 got first division, 93,830
second division, 8,791 in third division. There were 528,257 total students for this year.

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