Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schedule posts in #Facebook page

Yes, this feature is live now!
Scheduled posts are my favorite tools in blogging.
I usually write in my spare time (#?) and schedule 'em to have them uniformly distributed in the weeks. I schedule my posts in blogger (keep few in draft), schedule tweets in tweetdeck. Tweetdeck had schedule feature for facebook pages, however I do not remember that feature working correctly (instant post, yes; no schedule via tweetdeck). Now I can also schedule in facebook pages. I am sure many like the schedule feature as it allows one to post the items in due time. (Well this was not scheduled :P )


  1. Is this feature live now? .....not yet enabled for my account :(

  2. It should be available. The clock on the left bottom does the magic.

  3. Also if you want to view, change or delete those scheduled posts, you need to go to the Admin Panel -> Edit Page -> Activity Log

    More on this :Facebook Brand Pages Update and Post Scheduling


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