Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BloggerDai ko Facebook page: press L

I had spent some of my time designing the welcome page for BloggerDai page in facebook.

Only to find that facebook was rolling out the timeline feature for pages. So, I ranted a little in twitter... and then of course! changed my page layout. I like this new feature for pages, because it makes sense. It is more friendly for bloggers. Some may disagree! :P

Please visit my new page here ...
Current page header with pictures of a cat from internet; and saturn as captured by Cassini spacecraft on 15 September, 2006

The first cover photo was a rant to self: stand up, do some stretching. I suggest 8 fold stretching as shown in the figure.
The noodle with sausage is a recipe for easy snacks. The post is here 
Previously, I had to use either FBML (static: outdated now) or use app to create facebook pages. It was kinda nice that people would just land on the welcome page. Many brands used a force-"like us" feature. For example: amazon had forced "like us" feature to run many "sweepstakes".  I wonder if it will be the same!

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