Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Manage & Search in Firefox with key

In opera, you could do "g search term" in the address bar and it would "google" that for you*.

Recently I found that you could do the same for firefox (hello! chrome users! :P).

The motivation was to have GoogleScholar (GS) as one of the search engine. So, I installed the GS search addon by BarryRidge [Link to the addon].

Now back to how to manage search engine with keywords:
  • In order to assign the keywords: open the "manage search engines" from the search button.
  • The list of search engines come up. Click on the Edit Keyboard.
  • Keywords assigned.
  • Assign the keyword of your choice. For example: b for bing, g for google... etc
  • b for Bing, g for google! in Firefox search bar.
Assigning keywords is fun as it allows you to search from the address bar (ctrl+L). This is so chrome, but OK. For example by doing the things mentioned,  "g search item" googles search item.

* There exist a website which can google that for you:!


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