Monday, March 28, 2011

Bluetooth Mouse and Key board unresponsive in Mac

This seems to be problem in Mac running versions 10.6.6 and later.

My bluetooth Mouse, bluetooth  trackpad and bluetooth keyboard did not respond after the Mac went into sleep mode.

I am not sure what exactly is the problem. However, I can tell u what fixed my problem.

  • First I changed the battery, just to make sure that they are not running low on batteries. Did not work as I just changed them last week.
  • Search shows some results that you need to go to your HOME folder and then navigate to Library>Preferences and delete file and restart. Did not want to do that.
  • Another suggestion was to clean the cache @ HOME>Library>Cache. Did not want to do that either.
  • So, I just put the computer to sleep by going to apple  menu and woke it up after 32 seconds by pressing the power button once. Voila! It worked.

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